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Personal exhibition of contemporary art

contemporary art
from thu 11 july 2019
to tue 23 july 2019
from h 08.30 to h 18.30
Biblioteca Provinciale "T. Stigliani"
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

Suitable for all

Gesuino Pinna, known as “Janas”, is a self taught artist from Cagliari. Respectful of nature and lover of art, he started drawing and painting when he was very young receiving flattering and important awards. 
His passion for painting led him to study painting techniques, in particular reaping prolific stimulus from the works of Monet, Picasso,Dalì,Van Gogh,Kandinskij and De Chirico. 
Recently, after a long period as a figurative artist (spanning over 35 years), he approached the world of expressionism and intensified his involvement in exhibitions, infact, since October 2018, he has realized two individual exhibitions and has taken part in numerous National and International group exhibitions.
His creations, coming from mostly conceptual and informal roots, have been shown in Salerno, Paestum (SA), Terni, Genoa, Monreale (PA), Rome, Barletta, Montecarlo and Innsbruck.
Of late, during the Third edition of the Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea e di Design of Salerno, he received First Prize in the Abstract Painting division while, during an other two important international art events,he received the Certificate of Honour and a Special Mention. 
He took part in the eighth international art biennial of Montecarlo, the 23rd International Kunstemesse-International Art Fair of Innsbruck 2019 and the 23rd National competition contemporary art in Genoa. 
As an indipendent artist, he was selected for the XXII Biennale Internationale di Arte Contemporanea of Florence, coinciding with the celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of the death  Leonardo Da Vinci.
He appears in numerous catalogs and specialized modern art magazines and will be included in the CAM - Catalog of Italian Modern Art, published by Giorgio Mondadori (2019 edition). 
In creating his works the artist is dictated by  instinct, the canvas is the ideal support for the emotion of outpouring of everyday life. Every sensation, positive or negative, is translated into color,  captured by the soul and released in the creation, giving way to a joyful chromatic expressiveness , because the colors are the only tangible aspect of what the artist has seen and felt, it is in gestures that all the artistic greatness is revealed. 
By translating the emotional experience into gestures and colors, Pinna creates works of great visual impact with the contribution of music, that powerful muse which consents moments of meditation to allow for the birth of important unforgettable creations. 

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