Municipality of Maratea

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from tue 23 april 2019
to thu 25 april 2019
from h 10.00 to h 18.00
Chiesa dell'Annunziata
Via dell'Unità d'Italia Maratea (PZ)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Walks, music, stories, meetings, art, design and encounters.

Three days of the Festival of the Libbani.

Matera2019 means that Maratea will become a European capital of Culture for three days. RI-CORDA is dedicated to reviving the production of the ancient plant-based ropes known as Libbani.

Each production phase, including harvesting, soaking, mazzoccolatura [the beating of the leaves] and weaving will offer an opportunity for sharing and discovery, and movement towards a contemporary viewpoint.

Everyone will be able to take part in the four stages (or even just one of them) and make a rope - a unique experience.


23 April

Acquafredda di Maratea

10.00 to 16.00


walk / trekking

We will be going on a walking / trekking journey of discovery of the local area to harvest the tagliamani (Ampelodesmos mauritanicus), in collaboration with the Forum delle Associazioni di Maratea.

Villa Nitti

Acquafredda di Maratea

16.00 to 19.00



Meetings / screenings / tastings

The soaking process means waiting and a time of calm to recover from the efforts of harvesting.
On our return from the harvest, the inauguration will include a first showing of a documentary film on Libbani, stories and tastings, as we await the sunset.

24 April

Porto di Maratea

10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00


Beating and rhythm

with Maurizio Capone / Capone & BungtBangt

The plants will be beaten and their fibres removed. We will beat the vegetable fibres to the rhythm of a percussion workshop - which is open to everyone - by the musician and songwriter Maurizio Capone.

10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00


Weaving and storytelling
with Nicoletto D’Imperio and Beatrice Candreva / Kalura - Arte Popolare di Strada
The weaving of the fibres to produce the ropes will be complemented by the weaving of stories and songs by Kalura - Arte Popolare di Strada, as well as stories from anyone who wants to tell one.

25 April

17.00 - Historic centre of Maratea

The Festival of the LIBBANI

Art / design / music / storytelling

A final party, with an exhibition by designers and artists and a show in the square with words, music and sounds of the harbour by Maurizio Capone e Kalura - Arte Popolare di Strada and the beating and weaving participants.


** Maratea can be reached on the 'Capital for a Day' shuttle service, which leaves from Matera.

For information and reservations, please contact:

Ridola Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola 54 (MT) - +39 0835 314233 - escursioni@ridolaviaggi.it - www.ridolaviaggi.it


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