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Artistic residence in the community garden of Gardentopia project

contemporary artdesign e architetturaeducationcinema
from wed 12 june 2019
to sun 16 june 2019
from h 10.00 to h 13.00
from h 16.00 to h 19.30
Giardino di comunità - Piazza Giovanni XXIII
piazza Giovanni XXIII Bernalda (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Gardentopia is the Matera2019 project on green culture and active citizenship bred by contemporary art: a green utopia that transforms gardens into community places that are accessible to all citizens, with the involvement of 18 artists coordinated by the curator Pelin Tan who will work on 32 community gardens spread throughout the region.

The group of Greek artists works alongside the citizens in the village of Metaponto, in Piazza Giovanni XXIII.

For Gardentopia Errands will create an Epicurean garden, a mode of life according to Epicurus, a Greek ancient philosopher (341–270 BC). 
Errands will gather trees and plants from various sources in Greece (people,
institutions, etc) and will transport them on a truck to Matera. The truck will become the
epicurean mobile garden transferred from Greece to Italy until the trees and plants will
be planted in Matera Gardentopia. The migration of plants was since ancient time a
cultural enrichment practice.
The garden school will be enhanced with various activities that will be held on site,
together with citizens and visitors.
Examples of actions are:
1. Classes of talking to plants for recovering, empowerment and integration
2. Crystal garden growing workshop / zen garden philosophy (kids over 10 years old)
3. Garden film screenings / Chris Markers ‘The owl’s legacy’
4. Precarious Gardens: presentation on the self made vegetable gardens of the
refugees in Schisto refugee camp, Piraeus

The Errands group is comprised of architects, visual artists and sociologists. It has been active since 2007 and has participated in exhibitions, such as the 7th Sao Paulo Bienal of Architecture (2007), the 2nd Athens Biennale (2009), the 1st Istanbul Design Biennial (2012), in the exhibition “Chi controlla i controllori” in Gallery Clou in Ragusa, Italy (2013), the ACC international studio programm (2014), and the exhibition Adhocracy [Athens] in OCC (2015).

All these years, our activity has been concentrated on cases that are considered to be “outsiders”; spaces, concepts, objects, practices, and visions that are considered to be out of the system, out of the existing reality, out of the usual, out of “how things are usually done”, out of practice, out of order, out of function. That’s exactly what makes them political: they have proposed new ways of how things should be, should be done, or should be seen.

utopie e distopie

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