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Soundscape composition by Steven Feld, a project by Nicola Scaldaferri

contemporary artmusica
from sat 11 may 2019
to sat 25 may 2019
Cava Paradiso
Contrada La Palomba Matera (MT)
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During the transition between exhibitions, the I-DEA project space will host a sound installation composed of the sounds of the Maggio in Accettura, recorded by American sound anthropologist and film maker, Steven Feld.

Visitors are invited to lose themselves amongst the sounds of the celebration in a space that has been created to enhance this experience. Two monitors are placed at the entrance to initiate the experience, projecting a series of photographs by Stefano Vaja and Lorenzo Ferrarini of the Maggio.

As part of a wider research project coordinated by Nicola Scaldaferri, in May 2005 Feld visited Accettura and immersed himself in the sound flow of the Maggio of S. Giuliano, one of Basilicata’s most famous tree rituals. The main part of the Maggio celebration revolves around the three days of Pentecost (Sunday through Tuesday). Two trees, a turkey oak (il maggio) and a holly (la cima), are cut down in the woods of Montepiano and Gallipoli-Cognato, transported into town, joined and raised on S. Giuliano’s feast day. Both organized musical bands and informal groups of performers play music throughout the three days of the celebration. The result is an intense and constant soundscape.

The research team that contributed to When the Trees Resound includes: photographers Stefano Vaja and Lorenzo Ferrarini, ethnomusicologists Fabio Calzia, Cristina Ghirardini, Elisa Piria and Guido Raschieri. In addition, musicians Alberico Larato and Quirino Valvano accompanied Scaldaferri in his dual role as research associate and musician. The results are gathered in the volume: When the Trees Resound. Collaborative Media Research on an Italian Festival, with contributions by anthropologist Ferdinando Mirizzi and historian, researcher and parson, don Giuseppe Filardi.

For the first time, I-DEA presents Feld’s soundscape composition in a context that brings archival materials to life in new ways and explores different approaches to interacting with the public.

Photograph by Lorenzo Ferrarini



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ARTISTS Steven Feld
Lorenzo Ferrarini
Stefano Vaja

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