Archive of Archives: A voyage through the collections of Basilicata

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from fri 22 march 2019
to fri 07 june 2019
from h 10.00 to h 20.00
Cava Paradiso
Contrada La Palomba Matera (MT)
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Suitable for families
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Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
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Open 22 March at 18:00

Closed on Tuesdays

I-DEA is one of Matera 2019's main projects. It focuses on the analysis and representation of the rich cultural, artistic and anthropological history of the Basilicata region through exhibitions, performances and workshops inspired by historical records. In 2019 a number of exhibitions will be organised in the hangar of the Cava Paradiso, curated by Italian and international artists, the first of which will be on the photographer Mario Cresci. The project will be based on accumulation: each artist will be asked to overturn, reconfigure and modify the spatial layout designed by previous curators. This way, I-DEA will become a collective performance in continual development, which will take shape and change over the course of the year. In the transition periods between one exhibition and the next, visitors can observe how the artist is working in real time.

Two Cultures - Artefacts and Archives, an exhibition by Mario Cresci

The exhibition includes records from the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century, and explores the interaction of disciplines (cultures) in Basilicata through photography, craftwork, science and machinery.

The materials displayed, considered individually or grouped together, challenge the narratives and stereotypes of the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century, suggesting that things are not how they seem. Ranging from the depiction of the land by Leonardo Sinisgalli and Mimmo Castellano to wooden sculptures by Di Trani and his son and a revisitation of prehistory by Gianfranco Lionetti, the works exhibited at first sight seem in line with their respective traditions. But every work in its own way represents a break with tradition. 

Cresci is a curator of I-DEA who has a particularly deep attachment to this region and its culture. The exhibition ends with his personal archive, which relates the years he spent in Basilicata, and in which he showed a pioneering approach to photographic research based on visual observation and an artistic and phenomenological approach to the urban and anthropological context of southern Italy. Cresci has been the Director of the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo and his work has been displayed at MoMA in New York, at the Venice Biennale, the Milan Triennale, the Musems of Basilicata and the Gallery of Moderna and Contemporary Art in Turin. 


Guided tour for students on Wednesday and Thursday
The exhibition is suitable for students from 11 to 20 years old
Slots available: 50
Booking: passaporto@matera-basilicata2019.it


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