The Underground World

contemporary artdesign e architettura
sat 29 june 2019
sun 30 june 2019
mon 01 july 2019
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from h 10.00 to h 13.00
from h 17.00 to h 20.00
Fondazione SoutHeritage
Via San Potito, 7 Matera (MT)
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Excavated architecture and hypogea, with the characteristic system of underground cisterns going back to 1400s, form the visible, spatial and structural subject of the Invisible Pavilions project, which studies responsibility for aesthetics, architecture and artistic and multidisciplinary research in the process of creating and regenerating places.

The INVISIBLE PAVILIONS/Invisible Hyperstructures exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the emotional and sensorial spaces of 'underground'. Works by Riccardo Arena, Andrew Friend, John Bock and Rob Pruitt have been set up in the enchanting environment of the hypogea of Palazzo Viceconte with the aim of destabilising the dualistic relations between the visible and the invisible, the physical and the transcendental and the natural and the cultural, while reflecting on privation and the scale of our vision, the dimensions of limitations and thresholds, the intangible nature of landscapes and the tangibility of underground resources.


The project has been created and coordinated under the scientific and artistic direction of Giusy Checola and Angelo Bianco, with consultancy provided by the philosopher Philippe Nys, a researcher at the Architecture Milieu Paysage team at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Paris La Villette. It invites visitors to temporarily inhabit an unexplored world while at the same time encountering the underlying, infrastructural issues that have made Matera an interdisciplinary workshop in architecture, planning, social sciences and cultural anthropology from the experience of Adriano Olivetti to today, and which emerge from the internity of the earth.

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ARTISTS Riccardo Arena
Andrew Friend
John Bock
Rob Pruitt

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Fondo Etico BCC Basilicata
Bgreen – agricoltura e partecipazioni / Matera
Palazzo Viceconte Cultura / Matera
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