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from tue 09 july 2019
to wed 31 july 2019
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Studio Mimmo Centonze
Via Carlo Collodi, 2, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

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Renaissance in 2019. The works of Centonze students "a bottega". As in the sixteenth century.
Maristella Antezza new Sofonisba Anguissola.

Tuesday 9 July 2019 at 19:00
Studio Mimmo Centonze
Via Collodi 2 | Matera
Free admission


Waiting for "In Mostra a Bottega", the now traditional exhibition curated by Mimmo Centonze, is growing. The exhibition will be inaugurated and recounted by the artist on Tuesday 9 July 2019 at 7:00 pm, at Studio Mimmo Centonze in via Collodi 2 in Matera.

Now in its fourth edition, the exhibition brings together the latest works by Mimmo Centonze's students who attended the "A Bottega" drawing and painting course, held with great success every year by the Maestro and born in collaboration with Casa Netural.

Centonze says: "Visiting this exhibition to see the works of Picasso, Modigliani, Caravaggio, Jan van Eyck, Frans Hals reproduced very well by the students, will transmit to all the knowledge of the extraordinary possibilities offered by drawing and painting in the most correct way, as it was done in Renaissance workshops, but if you go to the Venice Biennale today, you will not find this technical competence any more. You find an art that imprisons you for a purpose: the feminist, the ecological, the multiculturalist, and I quote Andrea Emo who wrote in 1973 : "The aim of art is precisely to free ourselves from the goal; liberation from purpose".

"The goal - continues Centonze - is to allow us to exercise and develop, often for the first time in life, the creative potential that already exists within each of us and that resides in the right side of the brain. in every area of our lives thanks to the practice of drawing ".

Left "Man with red turban" by Jan van Eyck e
on the right the copy made by the student Carmela Giudicepietro,
exhibited in the exhibition "In Mostra a Bottega"
Centonze adds: "I want to dedicate this exhibition to Maristella Antezza, a young 15-year-old student of mine who in recent months has had to face serious physical problems such as continuous fever and acute psoriasis attacks on her skin that prevented her from attending the course. I called her mother to visit her, convinced that it was a chronic illness, and instead discovered that these problems had been caused by traumas that started with the abrupt separation of her parents and continued with other family upheavals. , continues to be a confident and positive girl, who just wants to move forward, setting a useful example for the young and not only, even for her mother Donatella so that she keeps the promise that she made me proceed with a medical assessment that she has already had for too long time outstanding ".

Centonze announces: "For the strength it is showing and above all for the shining talent it already possesses in art, at the inauguration I will assign Maristella a special double scholarship worth about seven hundred euros, which will allow her to attend two of my free in-depth courses on drawing and charcoal. If this exhibition is a return to Renaissance good practices, she is a new Sofonisba Anguissola ".

Two drawings by Maristella Antezza shown in the exhibition "In Mostra a Bottega"
The event will be presented by Andrea Paoletti, President of Casa Netural and is part of the path that Mimmo Centonze and Casa Netural started together with the name "A Bottega", the drawing and painting course with Mimmo Centonze, who also saw this year, the creation of two classes of students of all ages who, after only two months of lessons, achieved exceptional results in drawing well, a pleasant and rewarding activity, but above all in the greatest purpose of this course, namely to improve creative thinking, non-verbal, and consciously access the inventive, intuitive and imaginative faculties too often repressed by our verbal and technological culture as well as by our educational system.

Also "In Mostra a Bottega", together with the "A Bottega" drawing course, is part of the format "Mimmo Centonze tells a work" and the in-depth analysis and theatrical performances of great artists such as Caravaggio who were assisted by over 2,000 spectators various cities of Italy, all brought to the public with great enthusiasm by Mimmo Centonze, of the desire strongly pursued by the artist to bring people closer to art.




01) On the left "Portrait of a Woman" by Modigliani e
on the right the copy created by the pupil Liliana Paolicelli

02) On the left "Two brothers" by Picasso e
on the right the copy made by the pupil Filomena Spagnuolo

03) Left "Man with red turban" by Jan van Eyck e
on the right the copy made by the student Carmela Giudicepietro

04) On the left "The monomaniaca of envy" by Gericault e
on the right the co

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Per visitare la mostra nei giorni successivi all'inaugurazione, prenotare al numero 392 5178518. L'ingresso è gratuito. To visit the exhibition in the days following the inauguration, book on 392 5178518. Admission is free.

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