Moon-day #2

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mon 22 july 2019 alle h 18.30
Cava Paradiso
Contrada La Palomba Matera (MT)
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Suitable for all

Please join us for an evening of guided tours of Visione Unica: Cultures of Environmental Manipulation, an exhibition curated by Studio Formafantasma for I-DEA.

Drawing upon a variety of local archives as well as unorthodox sources, which implicitly complicate and question the definition of what is an archive and what it means to store information, Visione Unica is an installation made up of five projections, ten screens and a selection of vernacular objects. Upon entering the exhibition space, the screens and objects are arranged as a panorama that can be perceived in its totality. The visitor is invited to read the screens individually and in relation to one another, as one. These heterogeneous materials—photographs, scientific cartography, historical documents and interviews—are exhibited through a single medium, that of film, in order to explore the anthropization of the territory. The exhibition does this by bringing together materials that illustrate contemporary, modern, vernacular, scientific and magical strategies for human manipulation of the environment.

I-DEA is a pillar project of Matera 2019. It is devoted to the investigation and representation of the rich cultural, artistic and anthropological history of the Basilicata region through exhibitions, performances and workshops. The project, sited in the hangar of Cava Paradiso, will culminate in a series of exhibitions curated by Italian and international artists and designers. Each artist will be invited to add, re-arrange and subtract from the archival material already installed in the space by the previous curator, and in this way, I-DEA will become a collective performance in constant flux, which will evolve and change over the course of the year. During transitions between shows, visitors will be able to watch as new artists enter and re-arrange the space.

Cava Paradiso or Cava La Palomba is one of the largest calcarenite quarries along the SS7 highway. In 2000 it was transformed into a sculpture park by artist, Antonio Paradiso. The now dismissed quarry developed into its current state over the course of a century of extraction. The extraction marks can be identified chronologically with the highest ones corresponding to earlier phases of removal. The sculptures, by Paradiso himself, explore the relationship between humans and nature.

photo credits Pierangelo Laterza

futuro remoto

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