Documentary: Stories of Departures and Returns in a Marginalised Italy

wed 01 may 2019 from h 17.00 to h 18.30
Bif&st - Bari International Film Festival - Multicinema Galleria - Sala 1
Corso Italia, 15 Bari (BA)

Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
Suitable for people working in the sector
Suitable for adults

Screening at Bif&st - the Bari International Film Festival

A documentary by Luigi Vitelli, with scientific consultancy from Vito Teti and directed by Nicola Ragone.

From New York to Aliano and from London to Castelmezzano, experts' lives and voices relate the feelings of leaving and remaining, of abandonment and memories in marginalised Italian small towns, when migration and depopulation are a major emergency.

I'm Going Where I Came From is a crossroads of testimonies of a shattered human universe, of shadows and dual lives to be reconnected with each other in a search for a new destiny for places that may disappear, as they no longer have anything to tell, or anyone to tell it. These are starting points for re-inhabiting Italy and forging new ties between small towns and large cities, between the centre and the periphery and between local communities and global flows.

To find out how to attend the premiere screening at the Bari International Film Festival, please go to www.bifest.it.

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ARTISTS Nicola Ragone
Vito Teti
John Giorno
Claudia Durastanti
Franco Arminio
Guendalina Salini
Eufemia Mascolo
Rino Locantore

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BCC Basilicata
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