Choreography workshop

from fri 29 march 2019
to fri 05 april 2019
alle h 13.00
Le Monacelle
Via Riscatto, 15 Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
Suitable for adults

On the occasion of Matera Open City, there will be a new theatre production by IAC Centro Arti Integrate co-produced with the Matera 2019 Foundation, and after the work sessions carried out in December and January we welcome Daniele Ninarello, choreographer and dancer, in March too, to continue the work on choreographic design that will become part of the performance.

The workshop explores the main themes of the production: the relationship with limit, the relationship with power, the lie.

'Limit' means physical and material separation but also invisible separation; power is the force that attracts and absorbs everything and enslaves; the lie is the great scourge of our modern age, which manages to hide even the most obvious truths through mechanisms of social persuasion and influence.

The research that will be done during the workshop days will try to shed light on the relationship between the chosen themes and the residents, seen as a single entity in the city, which leaves traces and reinvents itself every time in its political and creative actions.

The workshop will take place from 29 March to 5 April.

Participation is free and open to professionals and others, but this session is only for participants aged between 14 and 40.

Anyone who has taken part in previous sessions is very welcome to continue their choreographic development, and anyone who has not yet taken part in the above age group, please join us!

The workshop is free and open to all.
After attending the RDA, Daniele Ninarello danced with world-famous choreographers, musicians and composers. Since 2007 he has performed in various festivals in Italy and abroad. From 2010 his productions have joined the networtk Anticorpi XL in Italy and abroad through the projects Les Reperages and Dance Roads. Kudoku, created with the musician Dan Kinzelman, premiered at the Biennale Danza 10 and is one of the projects selected for AEROWAVES TWENTY17, NID Platform and Rencontres Chorégraphiques Seine-Saint-Denis Francia. STILL, his new production, won the Premio Prospettiva Danza 2016. The wider project “STILL Body Experience with Digital Brain” is one of the winners of the competition ORA! linguaggi contemporanei_produzioni innovative of the Compagnia di San Paolo.
Co-production IAC Centro Arti Integrate and Matera 2019

Matera Open City explores and experiments with the theme of limit, seen as physical and material separation but also as invisible separation.

Limit is linked to matters such as diversity, division, building barriers, exercising power but also accessibility, inclusion, participation, breaking down and overcoming restrictions.

The project started from a meeting between organisations from Italy, the UK and Tunisia and involved groups of residents who took part in the open stages of the workshop.

Matera Open City is a performance in episodes which develops over a week, in a crescendo of theatrical intensity and initiatives.

A line dividing the city in half will be drawn in the main square. During the next days the separation becomes material, growing gradually until it becomes a limit that cannot be crossed, a wall that tells of the contradictions we face: on the one hand, a hyper-connected dimension that links distant places and people, and on the other a social reality where we face more and more separations and inequalities.

2019 is the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the year when the UK officially leaves the European Union and new walls are rising to defend old borders, from the humanitarian corridor in the Balkans to the new wall bewteen Mexico and the USA.

We celebrate these events by involving the city in a dystopian provocation with the intention, over time, of building new utopian visions.

utopie e distopie

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ARTISTS Daniele Ninarello

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