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Site-specific dance performance

fri 14 june 2019 from h 18.00 to h 19.00
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Maria Hassabi's work has been around the world in theatres, museums, galleries and public spaces, from the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the MoMA in New York. Over the years she has developed a specific choreographic practice articulated in the relationship between body in movement and image, in which immobility and duration become both technical and objects of investigation. In Figures, four performers perform solos constructed through abstract poses, which attempt to reproduce an emotional narrative through their relationship with temporality and mutual proximity, in an infinite resonance that soon involves the whole surroundings.
Hassabi and Matera meet in the density of a stratification of gestures and immobility, of ramifications and silences, which take the shape of the body as an ancestral conduit. The mythology of a city lies in its ability to move not only forward, but everywhere, backwards in its history and laterally, towards and beyond its borders. And so the body in the work of Hassabi is an expanding phenomenon, growing with the firmness and naturalness of a vegetable, and sinks its roots in the history of movement, overcoming its own boundaries and crossing the space to blend in with the surrounding matter. Hassabi's bodies in Matera intercept an antiquity and a strength that are identified with the possibility of being the story for so long. Matera and the body thus become a single image, which slowly knows and recognises itself.
And like Matera, the bodies here also show themselves to those who are trying to discover the roots and the desires of the material, of its layers. The life of a field is all in the imperturbable and continuous slowness of an underground nourishment, which refers to the body and to its identification with a deep landscape that is both anthropological and mineral. Where nothing is imperceptible and firm, if it is happening.

Petrolio. Man and Nature in the Anthropocene by Francesco Scaringi and Giuseppe Biscaglia
Giacimenta section by Francesca Corona and Michele Di Stefano
performance by Maria Hassabi 
performers Alice Hayward, Maria Hassabi, Mickey Mahar, Oisín Monaghan and young dancers sound design Stavros Gasparatos 
outfit design Victoria Bartlett with the support of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Extended Life Program. residence Onassis Cultural Centre of Atenephoto Thomas Poravas

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ARTISTS Maria Hassabi
Alice Hayward
Mickey Mahar
Oisin Monaghan

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Basilicata 1799
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Extended Life Program
Onassis Cultural Center di Atena
BCC Basilicata
40.6639 - 16.6063
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