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Dance performance

sun 16 june 2019 from h 19.00 to h 20.00
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

The exercise calls on the experience of the body, a residual datum capable of questioning the primary relationship between identity, image and act. Perception is its fulcrum: in the dimension of perceiving and being perceived it manifests the origin of identity-otherness-dialectic. An asymmetry of figures. Eclipses of the face. Handing over to time.

The preparatory workshop has made available activities of perception, movement, action and dance to people of advanced age. Once a week the guests of the Brancaccio rest home in Matera put on comfortable shoes and clothes to work on movement, breath, being together, dancing and looking.

The project involves a motor and performative practice that places the person at the centre of the scene, feeling at the centre of the action. It promotes the experience of the living body in putting itself in play outside habits, in the discovery of possible answers, in the relationship, aiming at a positive integration of the bodily dimension into the person's experience, a listening that recognizes the ego and the you. It hypothesises a public openness that restores the procedural and decision-making nature of the act.
Petrolio. Man and Nature in the Anthropocene by Francesco Scaringi and Giuseppe Biscaglia
Giacimenta section by Francesca Corona and Michele Di Stefano
a project by Silvia Rampelli with the elderly residents of Brancaccio rest home, Il Sicomoro, Matera

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ARTISTS Silvia Rampelli
ospiti della casa di riposo Brancaccio
Francesca Corona, curatrice
Michele Di Stefano, curatore

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Basilicata 1799
Il Sicomoro
BCC Basilicata
40.6639 - 16.6063
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