Between the letters from Plovdiv to Matera

design and architecture
sat 11 may 2019 from h 15.30 to h 18.30
Palazzo del Casale
Via Casale, 63 Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

The workshop, organized by Open Design School, is part of the presentation of the project 'Between the letters from Plovdiv to Matera' which investigates the story of the first Bulgarian typographer Iacov Kraykov through a photo exhibition of the artist Galina Yotova and a publication, both curated by Svetla Petkova.

The event includes a brief lesson conducted by Luisa Lapacciana* on the work of 'letter designers' and how fonts influence the way messages are conveyed, information is communicated and stories are told and a comparison with the artist and calligrapher Miroslav  Zhivkov and the world of the Cyrillic alphabet will be explored.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge, learning typography and calligraphy techniques to produce personalized Cyrillic postcards, which will then be sent to the citizens of the twin European Capital of Culture.

In collaboration with the Bulgarian Institute of Culture in Rome and with the support of the Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

Starting from May 12, an open studio will be set up with the photographer Galina Yotova, at the infopoint in Piazza San Francesco, during which you will be able to participate in a session of photographic portraits.

* Luisa Lapacciana is a graphic designer, digital nomad and activist, co-founder of the Zabar project. She has been working in the field of visual communication for about 15 years, constantly moving mainly to support local projects that have a social impact.

* Miroslav Zhivkov worked in a variety of art media, including photography, graffiti, calligraphy and screen printing. He has had three solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 20 collaborative exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe. He is currently working as a graphic designer for the Etar open-air ethnographic museum and is developing a shared space for artists with a print studio, called NoPoint Atelier.

**Free admission subject to availability

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