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THÉOPHILE BLANDET + ZAVEN | Curated by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò | 25-28 luglio 2019 | Matera 2019 – Capitale Europea della Cultura

design and architectureeducationarte contemporanea
from thu 25 july 2019
to sun 28 july 2019
from h 10.00 to h 18.00
Via dei Pesci ang. Via del Leone Matera (MT)
general ticket € 500,00
student ticket € 300,00

Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
Suitable for people working in the sector
Suitable for adults

IN Residence Design presents the twelfth edition of its educational program of thematic workshops which will be included in the calendar of cultural events that in 2019 celebrates Matera as the European Capital of Culture.

The IN Residence Design Workshop #12 “GEO-SYNCHRONICITY” will take place in Matera (located in Basilicata Region, in South Italy) for 4 days between July 25 th and 28th 2019. The event structured as an important didactic-educational and theoretical research contribution to the program of activities promoted by the Open Design School of Matera 2019, sees as protagonists in the role of Tutor, Zaven and Théophile Blandet, young and talented designers known in the international design scene.

During four days of the creative laboratory – characterized by an intense e continuous interaction between the participants - the Tutors, the curators and the students are called to explore the marvelous context of the "City of Stones" with the ultimate purpose of developing some design reflections that can answer the questions implicit in the given research topic.

Topic of the Workshop: “GEO-SYNCHRONICITY”

Our interaction with our host environment is continuous and pervasive; the balances that determine the ecosystem to which we belong are constantly subject to stresses of various kinds, which also change in relation to the various historical periods of reference.
The impact of the activities of Homo Sapiens on the practices of self-regulation of the natural systems of our planet – also defined by using the term that designates the present geological era as that of the Anthropocene – has led to a series of consequences. Among them, we can glimpse the diminishing of the direct relation of influence between the times 
dictated by the natural cosmos – the pace of the seasons, the rhythm of terrestrial cycles – and those that mark the existence of individuals. The sensation of an increasingly pronounced gap between geo-referential rhythms and those of contemporary living becomes more and more vivid, giving rise to the idea that their disconnection – or uncoupling – is undergoing a progressive acceleration. Can the attempt to put these two distinct “types of time” back in tune with each other be pursued through design praxis? By means of what devices or artifacts can we imagine proposing a meaningful, new synchrony between man, the environment and its cycles?

Guest designers

Théophile Blandet, born in 1993 in Strasbourg, graduates from MA contextual design, Design Academy Eindhoven with Cum Laude in 2017.
His research is concentrated on the paradox of technology using visual and installation. Théophile’s work has been showed in many international art shows and fair such as Design Miami, Art Basel and it’s represented by international galleries like Galerie Fons Welters and Functional Art Gallery.

Zaven is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded in Venice in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, that focuses its research on the interaction between communication, design and art.
Zaven works internationally, o
ffering creative direction, product, graphic and installation design. Enrica and Marco regularly teach, hold workshops and lectures in various design school both in Italy and abroad. Their products have been honored with Red Dot Design Award 2019, IF Design Award 2019, Wallpaper Design Award 2018, Good Design Award 2018, Archiprodut Design Award 2018, IFF New York x Design Award 2018.


Participation to the workshop is limited, covering a maximum of 24 participants; it’s open to design professionals, students of any level, and enthusiasts in the field of design practice. People who are interested in pioneering design research and crossovers between design and other social, scientific and philosophical areas of interest. All participants must be over 18 years of age and have written and oral fluency in the English language.

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