with Stefano Miceli

sun 17 march 2019 alle h 12.00
Casa Cava
Via S. Pietro Barisano, 47 Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

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Lectio Magistralis by Stefano Micelli

In our daily experience, the meaning of the adjective “artisanal” still today oscillates between a negative meaning, a synonym of “rudimentary” or “approximate” and a particularly positive meaning, which associates the term with craftsmanship and superior quality. The first association reflects an assumption or better a prejudice, according to which,artisans are incompatible with science and technology, pushing their knowledge to the fringes of modernity, a modernity which produces development and economic worth.

On the other hand, when that artisanal know-how is raised to heights of excellence and craftsmanship, the result is necessarily a product for the exclusive elite, something far from the lives and experiences of the majority.

This polarisation between extremes exposes the difficulty of finding a plausible placement of the figure of the craftsman in our economic and social context. This uncertainty reflects scant recognition and betrays a lack of foresight.

A large part of Italian manufacturing still today has a deep-rooted cultural connection with a way of considering values and work that leads back to the artisanal dimension. Unlike other economies, the competitiveness of Made in Italy manufacturing has benefitted from the exchange and hybridisation between traditional know-how and technological innovation.

In Italy we are being asked to think about how these technologies can sustain a model of production which is characterised by a precise idea of quality and value. This certainly has important economic implications but it has just as many implications on a cultural level.

In a world which wonders, rightly, about the future of work and about the implications of its possible disappearance, our country could become a reference point for those who believe that work must continue to be a moment of self-expression and that goods – more than testifying to the wealth of those that buy them – should represent first of all a medium between sensitivity and different cultures.

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