Workshop of Philosphy for Children Aged 4 to 6

sat 16 march 2019 from h 09.30 to h 11.00
Fondazione Matera - Basilicata 2019
Via La Vista, 1 Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for schools
Suitable for children

held by Emma Nanetti, Fondazione Collegio San Carlo di Modena

For further information please send an email to: scuole@matera-basilicata2019.it

According to the philosopher Spinoza, joy and sadness are the basic emotions. What would happen, if by magic, these emotions came to life as characters who could tell us about themselves (and ourselves, too)? The aim of this workshop is to give children the opportunity to talk about themselves and their emotions.

Gilles Deleuze thought that philosophy is like a toolbox, which is mainly useful for building things. If this is true, philosophy should have a practical approach when dealing with children. Teaching philosophy to children, that is, working with them, does not mean adding one more subject to those already included in their school curriculum but it rather implies providing children with useful tools suited to their whole education and training pathway. Rather than learning about the philosophical thought of Plato, Descartes and Kant they should discover that some of the questions we ask ourselves are exactly the ones that great philosophers asked themselves in the past. Philosophy, then, is a method that must be developed in a social context, applied with a multidisciplinary approach and enriched with content and modalities of expression that vary according to the context.Hence, the workshop is the best way to deliver content that is intended to be understood rather than simply learnt by children, who will enrich it with their imagination and develop it by being engaged in dialogues. Only then can philosophical practice be defined as such and will the philosopher play his role conscientiously as a craftsman rather than as a teacher. He is able to share the tools of the trade and the secrets of his knowledge with young apprentices in order to give life to a new , original and participatory work.

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Fondazione Collegio San Carlo di Modena
Comune di Modena
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