Municipality of Cersosimo

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mon 20 may 2019 from h 09.00 to h 19.00
Sala Angela Ferrara
Via Fratelli Bandiera, 1 Cersosimo (PZ)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Every inhabited centre in Basilicata boasts special aspects that make it a unique part of the Italian cultural panorama. The small centre of Cersosimo has its own " buried treasure", too. Not only does it have splendid landscapes set in unspoiled natural surroundings, but it is also the centuries-old custodian of a unique historical heritage in the vast panorama of the pre-Magna Grecia Culture.
The loving embrace of history has left a Buried City dating from the fourth century BC set on the hill overlooking the roofs of Cersosimo that has forever been known as "Castello". It has monumental remains that have seen attempts at archaeological explorations on a number of occasions over the years, but they have been abandoned one by one.


9.00 - Largo Fiera


10.00 - Archaeological Museum

A 3D journey into the Acropolis with a view of the discoveries

11.00 - Località Castello

A walk to the archaeological site with a journey in sound and augmented reality

15.00 - Largo Fiera

Simulation of an archaeological dig

17.00 - 'Angela Ferrara' Conference Hall

A conference on ancient architecture and future cities with the archaeologist Lara Cossalter and Professor Mario Pisani

19.00 - Piazza Unità

A theatrical-interactive performance coordinated by Antonio Minelli

 ** Cersosimo can be reached on the 'Capital for One Day' shuttle service, which leaves from Matera.

For information and reservations, please contact:

Ridola Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola 54 (MT) - +39 0835 314233 - escursioni@ridolaviaggi.it - www.ridolaviaggi.it

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Comune di Cersosimo
40.0465 - 16.3479
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