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Euro Mediterranean Museum of Re(f)used Objects

educationarte contemporanea
mon 27 may 2019 alle h 18.30
Chiesa rupestre di Santa Maria de Armenis
Sasso Caveoso Matera (MT)
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M.E.M.O.RI. is an intercultural artistic project that is the result of a study in the Euro-Mediterranean area aimed at opening a museum of common objects.

M.E.M.O.RI. (the Euro Mediterranean Museum of Re(f)used Objects) is a travelling museum that exhibits fragments, traces and small objects that have been gathered in the course of a journey by workers from the Salone dei Rifiutati Cooperative to five Mediterranean cities (Genoa, Marseille, Malaga, Tunis and Tétouan) and five Lucanian cities (Bernalda, Venosa, Matera, Muro Lucano and Potenza). The study was carried out by a process of creative traversing with the purpose of becoming familiar with the locations in the ten communities involved and discovering – or rediscovering – urban spaces, in search of artistic or domestic artefacts, souvenirs, items discarded by local craftspeople and objects brought in by the sea or found by the roadside.
The ability to re-evoke one's own culture from souvenirs is based on the universal nature of accidental, everyday artefacts, memories of trips, common objects, plane tickets and things we carry in our pockets or find in the street. The aim, which marries with the original meaning of the word 'souvenir', is to get back to our memories and the way they encounter reality while keeping and nourishing the past.

Travelling back through the stories that objects conceal, M.E.M.O.RI. is a pathway that seeks to offer points of reflection on human relationships, raising questions about the sense of the cultures in which these things were born and have been exchanged, handled and experienced. It is a true museum of circumstances in which each apparently simple object conceals a journey by a hand: a hand that touches, brushes, takes, leaves and gives, and seeks to offer a shape to portions of the world.

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ARTISTS Il Salone dei Rifiutati
La luna al guinzaglio (direzione artistica) Italia
Fabio Fornasari (direzione scientifica), Italia
Maria Rosa Sossai (curatrice), Italia
Duccio Canestrini (antropologo), Italia
Massimo Gerardo Carrese (fantasiologo), Italia
Antonio Politano (fotografo), Italia
Pilar Bandres, Spagna
Cyro Garcia, Spagna
Francesca Biasetton (calligrafa), Italia
Hassan Echair, Marocco
Kaori Kato, Giappone

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CEMEA Centri di Esercitazione ai Metodi dell’Educazione Attiva, Italia
Festival della Scienza di Genova, Italia
Tribeka, Spagna
Association des Amis du Belvédère, Tunisia
Centro Zaffiria, Italia
Digital Wolf, Italia
BCC Basilicata
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