Basilicata in the game

sun 21 july 2019 from h 10.00 to h 20.00
Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo
Piazza del Popolo 14 Montescaglioso (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

George Bernard Shaw used to say that men do not stop playing as they grow old, they grow old as they stop playing.

So come, the Ludopark is here! 

Zio Ludovico together with the association’s volunteers invite everyone, adults and children, to get in the game in an inclusive and healthy way. 

At every table tutor will make sure the rules of the game are explained, and will monitor the game, intervening when necessary. At times small tournaments will be organized. 

The nomadic ludopark engages communities of the entire region, using table games as tools for socialization and community building. You’ll be surprised by how easily table games will substitute online ones. You’ll enjoy the experience in itself, without having to worry about winning or losing, and strengthen your respect of rules through playing. Being with others will be simply fun, without even noticing age differences. 

The games are easy and quick to explain and to play. Some of them will require you to focus and use your mathematical and logic skills. The games are accessible also to children, but only those over 10 years old will be able to attend on their own. Younger children must be accompanied during the game. 

This project is part of Matera 2019's Community Projects group. A community project is a project conceived and carried out by citizens themselves, with the aim to work together and share ideas and processes. Community Projects are inspired by values of Sharing, Gift, Openness, Frugality and Generosity. 

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