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from thu 09 may 2019
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from h 10.30 to h 12.30
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Ex Ospedale San Rocco
Piazza San Giovanni Matera MT

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Davide Capra (1974)

Born in Brescia, he has always worked in his hometown. He started taking photographs as a child, in the photo studio of his father Rinaldo.

After studying liberal arts, he exhibited for the first time in 1999, with a video inside the former mental hospital in Chiari.

He worked for an advertising agency from 2002 to 2011, first as photographer and then as Art Director.

In the meanwhile, he worked at different photography and advertising projects with his father and with various other photographers.

In 2014, he goes back to photographing in studio.

In 2017 “I banditi dell’alta felicità. No Tav” is published, and Davide is co-author with Rinaldo Capra.

He carries on with his profession as advertising photographer, including in his interpretation stories that need to be told, images that are consistent with what his eyes see and inspire him before the click.


Rinaldo Capra (1955)

Overwhelmed by photography, in 1978 he dropped out of Padua University where he was studying Psychology to open up an advertising studio in his hometown, Brescia. Alongside his professional activity, he undertook a personal research on portrait and contemporary art, in a wide spectrum that included music.

He has always privileged large size photographic images, often with instant development materials, up to the Polaroid 20x25cm era.

In 1990, he started up a communication studio in Milano with the illustrator Marco Scuto: this brought him cooperation with advertising agencies and magazines, both for editorials and advertising campaigns.

In 2018 he gave up commercial photography in order to focus on personal research, to curate exhibitions and manage historical archives.

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