Matatu Nairobi

from sat 13 april 2019
to sat 27 april 2019
from h 09.30 to h 13.00
from h 16.30 to h 20.00
Galleria Cine Sud
Via Passarelli 29/31 Matera MT

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Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
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Crushed on the seats of a minibus, stock in the traffic eternally  blocked of Nairobi, that’s me since 2011, year when i started to photograph Nairobi in many different ways,  one of them , from the windows of the matatu, the most popular trasportation in east africa.

I was most of the time the only white person travelling on these buses, standing with the elbow or the Knee of my travel neighbor stick to my body, I have been often shooting with my camera at the level of my stomach. It is a humile but  necessary tribute to the Robert Frank’s bus serie, the vital density of the african contemporary metropolis seen through  my eys and my emotions. I think, in general, that every project that we really love will end only  because the endof  our emotional envolvement  or the luck of our economic means.

I’ll be taking picture of the Matatu’s every time I’ll go back to Nairobi. It’s  an automatic  and compulsive gesture done  in the enviroment of the gentle suspicion of the exhausted nairobians commuters  at their end of the day,  wich are saying with their eyes …what the hell is photograhing this Muzungu? ( white man)

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Cine Sud Srl
Francesco Mazza
Antonello Di Gennaro
Maurizio Rebuzzini
40.6618 - 16.6002
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