Portrait photo session with Galya Yotova

from sat 11 may 2019
to thu 16 may 2019
from h 16.00 to h 18.00
Infopoint Matera 2019
Piazza San Francesco Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

The project aims to create a cultural bridge between the two European Capitals of Culture in 2019 - Plovdiv and Matera, through the Cyrillic alphabet. In the center is the little-known story of the first Bulgarian typographer, Jakov Kraykov, who lived in the 16th century. He became owner of one of the largest printing houses in Venice in 1564. His first printed book was "Chasoslovetz" in 1566 - one of the most illustrated printed books in Cyrillic type form the period.

The story of Jakov Kraykov, as well as the one of the Cyrillic alphabet and its meaning will be presented in Matera. You can participate in our 6-days Open Studio, where you can join a book printing workshop, "to touch" one of the special objects – the big size Cyrillic alphabet characters, and to join a portrait photo session. One of the established Bulgarian photographers, Galya Yotova, will take your photo portrait with a letter from the Cyrillic alphabet by your choice. The collected photo-material will be processed and presented in exhibitions in Plovdiv and Matera this autumn. Your portrait can be shown in these exhibitions or can be included in our special photo book. The whole process will also be filmed on video.

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ARTISTS Galya Yotova

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Plovdiv 2019
40.6654 - 16.6090
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