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In all Consciousness

from mon 08 july 2019
to mon 29 july 2019
from h 10.30 to h 12.30
from h 16.30 to h 19.30
Palazzo Viceconte - via San Potito 7 - Matera
Palazzo Viceconte, via San Potito 7 - 75100 Matera MT

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Oliviero Toscani, Don Lorenzo Milani, the Barbiana School and the ‘68.

A reportage from the young Oliviero Toscani,
reaching its conclusion with the image of the
campaign against anorexia – which in the Autumn
2007 – triggered odd controversies, will be taken
into due account by this exhibition.
Barely twenty-one (in 1963), Oliviero Toscani
climbs the Mugello mountains together with
journalist Giorgio Pecorini to teach the boys of Don
Lorenzo Milani, the Photographic Camera. On a
wall of the school of Barbiana, it is written, in large
characters, "I care" it is the motto - otherwise
untranslatable - of the best young Americans; the
prior translates... "I care, I care about it". It is the
exact opposite of the fascist sentence "I couldn’t
care less".
The young photographer portraits the story of a
priest, unpopular with church hierarchies, and
collects the novel of his life. In that image there is a
clear borderline that separates those who have
power and those who do not. But there is also
something else: the beauty of the dignity of human
diversity, which does not want to be condemned to
invisibility, fear, loneliness, silence and takes the
right to education, beauty and freedom ... to make
one’s life a work of art. "What is art - Don Lorenzo
Milani said - if not a hand extended to make the
enemy change".

Here, as elsewhere, Oliviero Toscani shows that
the creative act is not an element to escape or
avoid the problems being dealt with, but is a mental,
cultural, political condition that is irreverent towards
the system false hopes, trivialized to became
pretexts, and - moreover - it purifies the
justifications, the definitions, the deceptions, which
contribute to maintaining the magnificence of the
privileged over the desperation of the Last. The
truth of photography (not only of Oliviero Toscani)
lives nobly in the events that deny it.

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