Municipality of Corleto Perticara

sun 16 june 2019 from h 10.00 to h 21.30
Palazzo P. Lacava
Via Roma Corleto perticara (PZ)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

The event, which is coproduced by the Municipality of Corleto Perticara and the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, will offer another opportunity to promote the area, history and points of interest of the important centre of the Valle del Sauro, which is famous for the historic insurrection on 16 August 1860, which led to the declaration that Basilicata was annexed to the House of Savoy before Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was a Deputy for the District of Corleto, disembarked in the South of Italy. The insurrection led to the proclamation of the pro-dictatorial Lucanian government led by Giacinto Albini in Potenza on 18 August, which also included Pietro Lacava, an important national politician who was originally from Corleto.


10.00 - WELCOME

Welcome from the cultural inhabitants and the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, with the Orchestra Rocchina Lapenta from the Istituto Omnicomprensivo 16 Agosto 1860 of Corleto Perticara. Exhibition of the Lucanian Book organised by the Associazione Endas, followed by a HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION at Palazzo P. Lacava in Via Roma


A historical and cultural walk from Rione Costa to Rione Capolaterra with Michele Lavella, followed by CECI SUL MURO, entertainment for people of all ages with games from the past, organised by the Associazione Iperuranio.


Lunch break at the Priore and Il Terrazzo restaurants

15.00 - COME WITH US

An walk through the parishes with parish priest Don Vincenzo Cantore and Michele Lavella


A journey between culture and flavours from local craftspeople organised by the Associazione Auser, the Associazione La Fenice and the Associazione Istinto Lucano

19.30 - UNCLE NICK

Nicola Bonadies, the founder of the Corleto Cine-theatre


Screening of the full-length film on entrepreneurship in Corleto

21.30 - ON BALANCE

A forum on the topic 'Culture rhymes with endeavour', with:

ANTONIO MASSARI, Mayor of Corleto Perticara,

CARMELO DONNOLI, chartered accountant,

CARMEN DE ROSA, journalist and moderator,

GIUSEPPE GALANTE, Royalties, benefits and how to use them,

GIUSEPPE GRAVALLOTTI, President of the Association Cultural Istinto Lucano,

ILENIA MAGALDI, Member of the Town Council of Corleto Perticara

MICHELE LAVELLA, expert in local history


** Corleto Perticara can be reached on the 'Capital for One Day' shuttle service, which leaves from Matera.
For information and reservations, please contact.
Ridola Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola 54 (MT) - +39 0835 314233 - escursioni@ridolaviaggi.it - www.ridolaviaggi.it

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Comune di Corleto Perticara
corleto perticara
40.3828 - 16.0397
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