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- Rossana Coretti -

sat 22 june 2019
Libreria dell'Arco
Libreria dell'Arco - Via delle Beccherie, 55, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

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Saturday 22nd June at 5.30 pm at the Libreria dell'Arco (via delle Beccherie, 55) the Materan author Rossana Coretti will launch  her third book entitled "Rien d'Autre", a novel with a historical background set in a South Africa in full Apartheid period. It’s the story of Rih Anne (the daughter of a magnate of the Belgian diamond industry and a Bantu woman of the Xhosa tribe) and the Italian Daniele, a black figure with a dark past, who will end up swallowing up the fragile girl in his life. And while he ends up in his arms for what seems to be a pure twist of fate, Daniele will turn out to be a wise spider who has hatched his canvas just to catch  his prey. Who is Daniele then? In the Old Continent Rih Anne will know love and her disappointments, but will also rediscover the attachment to her South Africa and her origins, to her family, to everything she took for granted as a child. And just as the scenario of his native land changes, destroying and renewing itself, going from ancient internal struggles to an unsustainable guerrilla climate between the ANC of Mandela and the Afrikaners, forging and resurrecting a new South Africa from the ashes, so Rih Anne will know overcome many difficulties along the path of one's own redemption, until the final transformation into a woman.

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