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Gong Bath meditation

wed 13 february 2019 from h 20.00 to h 21.00
Al Jalil Yoga APS
Via San Pietro Caveoso, 6, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia
€ 20,00

Suitable for all

20.00 - 21.00 Meditation and Gong
Luca Loreti
Contribution 20 euros (free admission to members enrolled in the meditation course)

For info and reservations, leave a message at 389 19 86 778
Contribution 20 euros

 "Luca Loreti is Holistic Operator - SIAF Trainer No. LO-1564T-OP Prof. Disclosure pursuant to Law No. 4/2013."

The 'Bath of Gong'
Mat, blanket, pillow: I find a free place
among the other participants, I put myself in a comfortable position,
I listen to the presentation. Then you finally dive
in a bathroom of sounds that are born of ancestral instruments,
from the harmonic song, and from the majesty of Gong played live ...
I come back from the 'journey', I listen to my feelings and if I want to share them.
Then the greetings: See you next time! ... But those
vibrations will continue to resonate day after day
inside me, like a beneficial and vitalizing echo.

Principle tool in creating sounds
of reconnection to a natural sense of the Sacred;
among the oldest ever created by man.
The characteristic of its sound full of harmonics
and its vibrant power,
they have a strongly evocative effect
regenerating and transmutative.
The vibrations it emanates resonate with our physical body, but also with the subtler bodies such as the emotional, mental and spiritual.
This 'Sound Massage'
thanks to the natural interpenetration of vibrations
that are masterfully interwoven with each other,
activates spontaneous processes within us
of rebalancing between Mind, Body and Soul.

Luca Loreti
 I received the initiation to Gong and valuable teachings about the alchemy of the Sound, the Sacred Geometry, the 'Gong Yoga', directly from the creator of the Baths of Gong. I honor and thank the precious beauty and knowledge that through its medium I was able to rediscover and make it resound in me. I continue my journey by offering my work to the Service of what is Light, Love and Divine Source of everything, for the greatest good of those who come and participate in this magic of sounds. On the Way of Gong, I'm always traveling - out of the world - to make this alchemical instrument known in the most capillary way possible, but my intention is to propose to those who meet in Sound and Gong another journey - inside, in their own path of growth - towards an ever-increasing Awakening of Consciousness and a profound, loving reconnection with the Self.

 "Luca Loreti is Holistic Operator - SIAF Trainer No. LO-1564T-OP Prof. Disclosure pursuant to Law No. 4/2013."

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ARTIST Luca Loreti

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