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sun 23 july 2017
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Start Up - ore 22.00 She loves good music in all her declinations; However it feels particularly attracted by the song form. He has played with several cover bands, ranging from Italian and foreign rock to the song of the author.Several competitions have been attended by Castrocaro, Venice's Gondola d'Oro, Vicenz @ NetMusic.Victory at Vicenz @ NetMusic 2014, with the song Conquest the World, also gave him a recording of a few songs at the Lost in Space Studio in Vicenza. He studied classical guitar privately with Master Alberto La Rocca; He then decided to deepen the study of the song. He recorded EP in 2003 Everywhere You and in 2004 the EP This Sweet Poison, both self-produced and named Leonardo.After a short bracket at the Veneto Music Institute (City of Thiene), in 2006 she decided to leave for Milan, graduating in 2010 at the CPM (Centro Profesionale Musica), founded by Franco Mussida.The CPM teamed up for one year with Elisabetta Rosa teacher, as a singing assistant. He has studied and still uses the Voice Craft method, which has allowed him to develop great mastery in the expression of vocal qualities.During this period he recorded, at the studio of Pietro Nobile, a demo that allowed him to start a collaboration, characterized by a strong experimental attitude, with the Italian-Swiss label Moebius Records and the Polo Della Musica.Mature fruit of this research path is Leonardo Buonaterra, published in digital format and sold on various online stores (I-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify ...). This project was attended by Vincenzo Messina as arranger, Ruggero Pazzaglia in Rhythmic part, Emmanuele Landini as sound engineer and curator of the mix of the whole work.In October 2015, his latest IMPRONTE title comes to life, the project is characterized by a more intimate dimension than the first album.The IMPRONTE project was attended by Vincenzo Messina (former keyboardist Zucchero, Terence Trent D'Arby ...) as arranger, Diego Corradin (former drummer of Mina, Fiorella Mannoia, Eros Ramazzotti, Raf ...) at drums, Adriana Ester Gallo (He collaborated with Gianni Morandi, Lucio Dalla, Niccolò Fabi, Riccardo Cocciante ....) to the violin, Matteo Agosti as a sound engineer.APRIL 2017: New Single Exit, ALWAYS WAS THE WIND--------------------------

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ore 22.00

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