OPEN STUDIO + Atelier del Sud

sat 04 august 2018 from h 21.30 to h 22.30
Castello del Malconsiglio
Castello del Malconsiglio, Piazza Castello, 75010 Miglionico, MT, Italia
per tutti

The third edition of BAR, curated by Francesca D’Aria, is promoted by Spazio Esteso and supported by the municipality of Miglionico, in collaboration with SeRestate a Miglionico 2018 and Generazione Lucana.
The artist in residence, VERA PORTATADINO, will work in a studio located inside the Castello del Malconsiglio, heritage house (VIII-XI century), that will also host a solo show titled ATELIER DEL SUD.
BAR is a community gathering space, where people can share experiences and learn about each other. It may be seen as a place of exchanging ideas and views in a spirit of conviviality and cooperation. The artists will live in the territory as if it was a borderless BAR, learning about local people, their habits and traditions, and be inspired by them. The project aims to stimulate the exchange and the awareness of local communities about all the artistic productions and projects. Miglionico is a place with a strong pictorial traditions, both local and national, as the Altarpiece by Cima da Conegliano shows. The town presents many different architectural styles, both holy and civil and it gives the opportunity to work to a common sharing project, not only concerning a creative and artistic approach, but also emphasizing the social, anthropological and architectural level. In this way, the area with its buildings, its beautiful squares and its churches, creates an open-air museum with a constant dialogue between citizens and artists and stimulating debates in which traditions and contemporary art can mix. This will encourage the creation of networks and cultural exchanges towards to a cultural and landscape promotion and preservation linked to the central role of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019.
Vera Portatadino’s work will be exhibited throughout the residency period. Atelier del Sud is an utopian project that was born in 1888 which will never be realised by Vincent Van Gogh. He wanted to create an artists association in his Maison Jaune where he lived in Arles, an open-minded community ready to share and study a new experimental artistic language far from chaos and the hectic city life of Paris. According to Vincent, art was a contemplative practise, not just related to a personal representation of reality but aimed at a deep self-exploration. As much as Arles was a borderland for Van Gogh, Miglionico is a town far from big cities, a sunny isolated area where you sometimes see an abandoned structure, a tiny shrine, a village out of the way. This urban and landscape condition supports the artist’s research and presents some similarities with it. She uses refined and archaic pigment with a minute representation of the subjects. The artworks are influenced by Flemish and Italian paintings and they look like Microscopic observations of apparently ephemeral details of reality that the artist collects day by day in her imagery. The still life she presents appear as alive as figures, in which clear and accurate details take on a life of their own. The pieces are made by a process of colour stratification and assemblage of things accidentally found by the painter as archaeological artifacts from her everyday life. Also these paintings remind some of iconographic choices of XV and XVI century culture in which details reveal the subjects symbolic reason, because what is central in her studies is especially the paticularity that interprets the complexity of our tangible world. The small size of these works of art suggests an influence from Byzantine icons, easy to move to not interrupt the holy dialogue with the owner. At the same time the works selected need to be carefully viewed to appreciate their beauty, such as miniatures of reality which build a private devotion. In Vera Portatadino’s research, the still life are physical and contemplative objects, contemporary and lay Flores micant, as Federico Borromeo called them in his Musaeum, with whom engage an intimate relation.

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