An author's path, with Matteo Caccia

sat 01 june 2019 alle h 09.00
Oasi del Bosco Pantano di Policoro
Località Idrovora Policoro Policoro (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

3rd day - Riserva Oasi Bosco Pantano, Foce del Sinni and Magna Grecia - Policoro (MT)

• 10.00 - Departure of walk in the Bosco Pantano of Policoro

The WWF Riserva Oasi Bosco Pantano is one of the last lowland forests (on the plains) in the Mediterranean. It includes wooded, sandy, and swampy areas, as well as Mediterranean vegetation. While walking along its path, you may come across hedgehogs, hares, porcupines and badgers, as well as numerous migratory birds. The coast is also frequented by the Caretta Caretta turtle. The reserve is characterised by the Sinni River, which rises on Monte Serra Giumenta (1518 metres), part of the Monte Sirino range, and after crossing the provinces of Potenza and Matera, flows into the Gulf of Taranto. The final section of the river passes through the Pantano wood. Herakleia, which is now known as Policoro, was founded in the sixth century BC out of the ashes of the colony of Siris, it now has an Archaeological Park, where the ruins of the temple dedicated to Demetra can be seen, as well as the planning structure of the town from close to which the famous battle between Pyrrhus and the Romans was fought.

Matteo Caccia is a theatre actor, writer, and radio host. Since 2016, he has hosted 'Pascal' on Rai Radio 2, in which his listeners are the protagonists, reading about their experiences of life. For ArtePollino and the Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, he will follow a path on foot on a long walk through villages and landscapes, leaving from the Il Pollino National Park and arriving in Matera, involving the local area, local inhabitants and anyone wanting a walking and reading experience during which they will encounter a range of novels and articles on the relationship between humans and nature.

** For information on how to take part and a detailed schedule, please write to info@artepollino.it, or call 0973859455.

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ARTISTS Matteo Caccia

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