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street art
from wed 29 may 2019
to sat 01 june 2019
from h 10.00 to h 20.00
Piazza degli Olmi
Piazza degli Olmi Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Niko Skolp, who was born in Bari in 1983, is an Italian designer and muralist. He discovered street art at the age of 14, and set out on a path that would lead to his becoming well known in Italy and abroad. For many years, he focused on studying letters in all their forms, finally moving beyond the concept of 'tagging' to a more abstract dimension, a new approach known as post-graffiti. The language of his art is characterised by geometric shapes, grids and nuances, an abacus of elements and rules of composition that draw their inspiration from the concept of Generative Design, rules that have led him to design software with Piero Molino (an expert in machine learning who is currently working as a researcher at Uber in San Francisco) and that can generate an infinite number of compositions of his works, from digital to analogue. These compositions act as a starting point for the creation of art on walls and canvases; he attaches great significance to the choice of materials and surfaces. In 2008, with two partners, he formed Studio FF330, a visual communications and graphic design company, which is currently his main occupation, and where he works as designer and as Creative and Administrative Director. He is involved with national projects for public and private bodies. The company also has two other spin-off projects under way: the Scuola Open Source–SOS (winner of the CheFare competition), which is based in Bari, and is a technological and social innovation project that has recently become a cooperative; and the tuttiSanti - Design to be Saint brand, a project inspired by the iconographic traditions of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, among others, that offers contemporary reinterpretations and develops illustrations and decorative objects that apply Made in Puglia skills through the use of new linguistic codes. Since 2015, he has been working in Matera with other street artists on the creation of a large number of urban redevelopment works, and in January 2018 he conducted a training course for Momart with a group of students from Matera high schools on graffiti and the rules that apply to it, creating a first street art group in the contemporary history of graffiti in cities. He has worked with the Momart gallery as artistic director for urban art within the Open Playful Space project of Matera 2019 and UISP Basilicata, creating the logo and the first artistic intervention during Matera Bicicittà in 2018.

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ARTISTS Nico Skolp

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Momart Gallery
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