Medieval Festival

from thu 25 april 2019
to sun 28 april 2019
Piazza Duomo, Altamura BA, Italia

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Federicus, one of the most beautiful and evocative medieval festivals in southern Italy and beyond, attracts a large number of visitors each year thanks to the common commitment of the entire city of Altamura. In the last weekend of April, the large medieval village with its military garrisons, artisans, nobles and common people enchants, enthralls, involves everyone, both inhabitants and visitors from Italy and the world, with exhibitions, museums, cultural events, animations and “old-time” games, stalls with high quality handcrafted products and lots of good food. A reference to the history of our city to remind the founder, the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, also known as “Stupor Mundi”, who built the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Altamura and is considered the secular patron of Altamura. The Emperor’s procession parades through the city streets amidst the joyful sounds of tambourines and colourful flags waving. More than 1,500 amateur actors, dressed as Saracens, Arabs, Latins and Greeks, represent the four civilizations that populated the city in the past, animating the ancient town divided into as many festive districts. It is really pleasant to enjoy the dance, music and theater shows with a medieval flavour; walking among the people, through the alleys and cloisters that have the colour of the festival and the warmth of history.

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