An ironic and touching play to reflect on diversity, acceptance of the other and family affections.

fri 17 may 2019 from h 20.30 to h 21.40
Via XX Settembre 14, Matera MT
€ 15,00

Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
Suitable for people working in the sector
Suitable for adults

It’s a night like any other in a dressing room of a strip bar. Stella and Gloria are getting ready for their usual show, with  the pressure of Tantarobba. Usual actions, as every night : a coat of powder, cascade of glitter,  a bold and aggressive lipstick. Gloria and Stella dance, laugh and quarrel. They have been friends forever, since Stella was called Gerardo and fought for her parents to consider her for what she really feel. After receiving an unexpected letter from her family,  Stella has to remember the key moments of her past and her desperate attempts to be accepted. On stage the memories take shape behind a veil of memory and anger, emotions, nostalgia and ferocity.
The letter contains an invitation, a reconciliation attempt, perhaps. At the first Stella want to ignore the attempt, but Gloria and Tantarobba will convince her to accept that outstretched hand coming  from the past. 
In an unexpected ending, all the characters in this story, simple but extraordinary in its own way, will be forced to deal with the irretrievable accomplishment of Time, relentless devourer of propitious occasions and fleeting moments.
An ironic and touching play to reflect on diversity, acceptance of the other and family affections.

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ARTIST Compagnia Teatrale Diretta da Guido Del Vento

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Associazione RiSvolta
Agedo Matera
Francesco Lomonaco
Antonella Ambrosecchia
40.6679 - 16.6062
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