National Theater Festival Against Every Barrier

sun 21 july 2019
mon 22 july 2019
tue 23 july 2019
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from h 20.30 to h 00.00
via g. di vittorio TRANI BT

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Il Giullare Festival born in 2008, in these 10 years has been able to tell and stimulate a different idea of disability, overturning in people the often "compassionate" perception in a perception of exploitation and consideration of potential. In art the annulment and, at the same time, the exaltation of the differences is emblematic because in the center there is art, there is the work produced, the part played regardless of one's condition. And these are the reasons why the value of the festival is a highly cultural value because it is able to stimulate and stimulate change by promoting an inclusive culture, "antistigma" and aimed at tarnishing the mental barriers that limit our perception of differences. 

We plan to stage at least 7 theatrical performances from all over Italy from July 21th to 28th. On July 28 the final evening will take place, during which the winning companies will be awarded and the national prize "Il Giullare" will be awarded, which is one of the collateral events of all the editions of the festival, awarded to those who distinguished themselves in Italy world of art, entertainment, culture, music in a more or less constant commitment to the promotion of a culture of integration and respect for the disabled

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