Performance in episodes along the S.S. Basentana road

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sun 21 july 2019 alle h 19.30
Parcheggio - Stazione Ferroviaria Matera-La Martella
Strada provinciale Papalione Matera (MT)
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Suitable for all

Fifth episode The grand finale: return to Mother

The Ship of Enchantments is the journey in five stages of Sofia, a little girl who can't get to sleep and a fish that has got lost on board a Ship that encounters the landscapes, communities and stories of a land full of mystery and wonder.

Going away to come back. Leaving the island to start to see it differently. The journey of the goldfish reaches a crucial turning point while the journey of Sofia and the Ship continues...

AWARE - The Ship of Enchantments is a project by the Gommalacca Theatre Company, which sums up the experimental content and methods used in the company's last ten years of artistic and pedagogical work; a company historically predisposed to use the pratices and meanings of performance art as a tool for social activation and innovation.




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