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Grafica via sette dolori

via sette dolori, matera (MT)

The Association "Grafica di Via Sette Dolori" of Matera was born in 1976 as a non-profit association to valorize the art print. In his 40 years of activity, Grafica invited Matera to highly artistic and artistic majors (Strazza, Napoleon, Willburger, Assadour, Bruno, Saunier, Bindella, Chen Shu Lin, Hong Yun Joo). The school constantly organizes courses for artists and neophytes coming from the city of "Sassi", from the surrounding area and from different parts of the world. Great contributions are given by artists of contemporary art, Maccari, Consagra, Perilli, Scialoa, Treccani, Calabria, Basaglia, Masi, Guerrilli, Azuma were the masters who more than others contributed to the artistic growth of those who attended the workshop. A significant contribution to the group's cultural growth was given by Scheiwiller, Belli, Cetrangolo, Bonaviri, Montesano and Russo, advising and encouraging those responsible to continue with the courageous activity. The lab is a point of reference in Italy and in the world for students from academies, groups of artists from Japan, Germany, Norway, Finland, Russia, England, Switzerland, Austria, the United States of America, all enthusiastic about the exercises and experiments done, as well as for maternal culture, hospitality and the beauty of Lucan territory. Many of the associates were invited to participate in biennials and triennials of engravings in various parts of the world: Poland, Luxembourg, Russia, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, England, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Italy: Cremona, Acqui Terme, Ovada , Campobasso, Biella, Bagnavavallo. With such remarkable cultural production exported to Italy and around the world, the Via Sette Dolori Graphic Association has also contributed to promoting the candidacy and the victory of Matera European Capital of Culture for 2019 and will continue to offer its contribution because, An increasing number of people can know about our city.


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