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Associazione Culturale CruscoJazz

C/da Mancosa 26, brienza (PZ)

The goal of “Associazione Culturale CruscoJazz” is to combine different things that surround us, such as willpower and youth endurance and experiencing different customs and cultures, which are gathered in an open and synergetic festival. One of the major focus points of the event is to revitalise the ancient village of Brienza. Brienza has a historic value; as a matter of fact, it is one of the European Monumental Parks. The associazione tries to create a unique situation through diverse events by means of contrasting artistic performances of different origins such as: an event of prestigious singers versus a contemporary exhibition showcasing the valuable works of national and international painters such as Kostaby, Lodola, Carlo Levi and Ercole Pignatelli. Other contrasting events such as photography exhibitions and theatre performances can also be found. Support is crucial for the success of the festival. We count on the help and support of the “Associazione Musicale Burgentina G. De Rosa”, a senior association in Brienza, that supports and helps us to improve the event. Thanks to “Galleria Memoli Arte Contemporanea di Luigi Memoli”, we set up the important art exhibition. The “Associazione Lunaria” works in the international voluntary field, thanks to the “Erasmus+” project of the European Commission, and provides us with ten volunteers from all around the world. During the event, we host them in Brienza and support the integration of multi-culturalism, spending the whole 15 days with them and engaging in teamwork. Last but not least, we cooperate with the “Amministrazione Comunale di Brienza” and the “Regione Basilicata” that allow us the possibility to organise the festival. Thanks to the “Coldiretti”, we are able to offer typical homemade food to the event goers and the “Associazione Ludus in Fabula” allows us to create a magical place for the children. The last aim is to combine the youth population with the local culture and traditions as well as that of the volunteers from around the world, in a region so far away from any intellectual centres. The “Associazione Culturale CruscoJazz” was founded in 2015, taking their name from the non-profit event “CruscoJazz Brienza”. It is composed of young people aged between 22-28 who are willing to give new, or regain, strength to the “Borgo Medievale” and the “Castello Caracciolo”.


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