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Al Jalil Yoga APS

Via San Pietro in Caveoso, 6, matera (MT)

Al Jalil Yoga is an Association for Social Promotion. It was born in 2012 with the aim of promoting the culture, philosophy and the techniques of YOGA and to provide a Yoga Shala, available for all the members in order to practice the Asanas and Meditation. The site can hold events for the promotion of holistic and spiritual disciplines from all over the world, for the creation of a bridge and a dialogue between the western and eastern philosophy, describing the latest scientific discoveries and the ancient holistic disciplines; a bridge between the same disciplines and any religious belief and different traditions, not with the aim of making profit but with the objective to organize events for not only the members, but of course for the local community as well. Members can use the Shala anytime they want, not only during the courses or lessons, but also to meditate, pray or simply to relax. Members can use the site of the association to organize meetings, seminars and courses related to the objectives and themes of the same association. The events can be for free or with a donation. They will be advertised and supported in the website, mailing list and social networks of the same association. Members can read the certificate of incorporation and the statute of the Association on the board a tour site or below on this page. The timetable for the courses is always available on our website in the page Courses, same thing for the Events. Members can follow the activities on the website www.aljalilyoga.com or on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AlJalilYoga always updated. Members can support the association: becoming daka: donating an offer or a regular or a casual economical contribution; becoming karyakartri: we will inform you about our activities and you will be able to advertise them on the web or throughout the city; becoming svayamsevaka (male volunteer of the Shala) or svayamsevika (female volunteer of the Shala): we regularly have open position for Sevas (service to the community, click here to know more about it) All the earnings which are not used fht the maintenence of the site, are used for the events of social promotion. To this day, the association managed successfully the organization of different projects with other institutions and associations, such as: “Festa degli Aquiloni” with all the Matera’s associations “Tutti i chicchi del melograno” belonging to the project “Divertimento Pulito ”, “Corso propedeutico per Peer Educator” belonging to the project of the association Giallo Sassi, “Yoga per Disabili” held in the ANFASS ONLUS in Ginosa (TA), Free Seminars in collaboration with “La casa del Tibet” ONLUS in Votigno (RE), free seminars in collaboration with ONESS DIKSHA Section in Bari, free Seminars of scientific disclosure in collaboration with the Heliantus Centre in Bari, free meetings of “Costellazioni Familiari” in collaboration with IKOS Ageform in Bari (Psychotherapy School in PNL recognized by MIUR), collaborations with Electronic music Class of the Conservatorio Duni in Matera and Materelettrica. To this day, all these collaboartions are still active and several projects are being organized.


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