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KNOWING US Opera Don Bonifacio Azione Verde, whose founder and honorary president is Rev. Fr. Boniface Duru, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu in Imo State, Nigeria, is an International Organization set up officially in the year 2000 in Italy and established by a notary act on the 24th September 2002. It is regularly registered in Italy as a Charity Organization and NGO by the Italian Agency of International Cooperation. In Africa, it was recognised by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. OUR PHILOSOPHY “Children are the wealth of a poor nation and the hope of humanity”. This is our main interest. Training of children is the secret to achieving a healthy and sustainable development in the Third world countries because children are the adults of tomorrow. A nation that does not give attention to her children is a nation without future. Holistic Education of children should aim to strengthen their capacity and capability, and to direct them to formulate reasonable projects to improve the quality of life in their native Countries. They must develop the right sense of justice and peace, love and charity and actually learn to participate in human actions of solidarity. Both children, the sick and old people need care because they are the weakest members of the society. In sick people and children, we see the face of Christ. OUR MISSION To promote human development all over the world through training, formation and holistic education of children and adults to make them protagonists of their own societies where they can make meaningfully and democratically changes for positive development. For this reason, education and formation of people are important as instruments but it is also important that they must be healthy to make these changes. AZIONE VERDE UNIVERSITY Situated in the heart of Amaigbo, a rural town in the heart of Imo State, South East of Nigeria, Azione Verde University is sited to serve as home to 5000 students and for many other activities of human development. Azione Verde University of international standard will help in the formal and holistic education and training of young people for a better future. The Campus covers an area of more than 75 hectares and includes the university faculties, laboratories, refectory hall, main conference hall, hostels, sports centre, church, library and university hospital. With the inauguration of the University, we can gladly say that we have kept our promise for the children and the young people who will be protagonists of a better Nigeria and a better tomorrow. AQUA VIVA HOSPITAL This hospital is built with the help of Azione Verde Italy Ngo and it is still being run by the same organization. It is in the hinterlands of Amaigbo town (Imo State) with a lot of difficulties in accessibility. It was a thing of joy to be able to serve the community in this way. With the opening of the Aqua Viva Hospital to serve the proposed Azione Verde University and entire Amaigbo community, we are sure of reaching more people needing help and medical cure. It also gives a permanent place for such a huge project and larges our mission in Nigeria. Besides the hospital and easily connected are the laboratories for diagnosis of different pathologies. The hospital buildings will guarantee the health of thousands of people around the area making a stable contribution to development for the people. JOURNEY OF HOPE Since 2002, we have been consistently carrying out this program bringing solace and love and hope to the sick, the down trodden, the poor and the children both in Imo State and beyond. The health program has given us the possibility to visit thousands of patients in these years. For us this is a big satisfaction. We have been able to send many children to school and able to know them personally and stay with them during our annual camping exercises. For us this is love in action. Working at our University campus site has been an event that has given great joy and encouragement to all the members of Azione Verde who have the privilege every year to evaluate the progress we have made at the site for themselves. We accomplished all these through the “VIAGGIO DELLA SPERANZA” which means the “Journey of Hope”. A program designed to put different people of all walks of life together to make life easy for all. It is an expression of love for humanity without boundaries and it has been a success. When people are together, they can feel for each other and share in the situations and emotions of each other. COLLECTIVE ADOPTION AND SPONSORSHIPS: In order to make it possible for children to grow with respect in their own country, the organization promotes collective adoption and sponsorships. The money sent by benefactors is spent for the needs of all, without favouring only those few who have been chosen for individual sponsorship. It is right to share the resources with all children. With a constant contribution, you can guarantee the provision of primary needs such as food, health services and education to these children. PROJECT OF THE EDUCATION AND FORMATION OF VOLUNTEERS AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: We promote the project of the Education and formation of volunteers and international cooperation in various institutions in Italy. Working hand in hand with our volunteers, the students can make contributions to our projects and can also participate in the different initiatives of solidarity that are proposed by the organization during these educative sessions. During the school year, Azione Verde makes a collection of various didactic materials that are brought personally by the volunteers into camping during the Viaggio Della Speranza. MICRO CREDIT PROGRAM FOR WOMEN: Azione Verde as an organization does not leave out the question of the weaker sex especially widows who find it difficult to lead their families after the death of their husbands. In our mission, we have discovered that there are hundreds of widows who cannot carry on with normal daily living and therefore are exposed to untold dangers of sickness and death. Consequently, we have set up an empowerment program to help them financially through microfinance activities. In this way, they can meet up with basic needs by engaging themselves meaningfully in small-scale business activities. MEMBERSHIP: The organization offers the possibility to contribute in different levels for supporting our initiatives and projects in the world. To create interest and awareness of public opinion, it is important to build the necessary friendship among many people, which helps to achieve the goals of the organization.


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