Poetry Film Reading by Domenico Brancale

thu 18 april 2019 from h 19.30 to h 20.30
Le Monacelle
Via Riscatto, 15 Matera (MT)
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Suitable for all

Scannaciucce is the harsh name that the peasants gave to the agave plant in the Lucan dialect of Sant’Arcangelo. At the edges of clay paths, its long leaves
surrounded by thorns wound with bitter ferocity (scanna-re) the donkey (ciucce) on its journey: a mockery of the animal with its crown of thorns imposed on the ignorant, on the idiot-poet whose idiom is punctuated by braying, like a voice that from the silence widens and cracks to the point of torment. To understand the braying is the experience of 'here is nothing to say, nothing to do', and there is nothing but this in which to believe and throw oneself, where the poetic word is said and written in the tremor of a failure, in the lost light of a dying body and of another that is born. To understand the braying is to rediscover one's own identity in the other, to discover, in the humiliated face of the beast, the divine invisible.

Followed by a video-presentation by Blerina Goce.

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ARTISTS Domenico Brancale
Blerina Goce

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