Phia Menard for Matera 2019

from wed 20 february 2019
to sat 23 february 2019
from h 21.00 to h 22.30
Grand Chapiteau, Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera MT
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Suitable for all

I want to throw off the shackles, brave the different transformations - the «sloughed skins»- to try and touch upon the freedom of being. Fight against a moral code fuelled by fear and stigmatisation. Perceive the abnormal as something other than pain and suffering. In the arena of «VORTEX», the norm does not exist, or else it is deliberately false in order to widen our perception of the need to extract ourselves from taboos. Here, the wind is oscillating matter used to escape gravity and a waken «The Alien»; the part of us in hiding, heavily disguised beneath a borrowed uniform.

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