The Circus performance in Matera!

fri 15 march 2019 from h 21.00 to h 22.30
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Included in the Matera 2019 Passport

Suitable for all

Crazy Dream Circus is a project created by two friends who share the same passion but have different backgrounds. Larry Rossante, the manager of the “Circo di Mosca” in Italy and David Demasi, a busker and street artist, who later became a fully-fledged circus performer. Their passion for traveling shows and for the history of circus is the basis for their new adventure.

Why “CRAZY”? Because although it is very unusual, it is suitable for everyone, from adults to children and young people, to people with either unconventional or conservative tastes.

Why “CIRCUS”? Because it recalls the characteristics of a traditional popular family circus, and while spectacular and surprising, it uses a modern interpretation that is suitable for the fast rhythms of our times.

Why “DREAM”? Because it makes every child’s dream come true, with its free, dreamy, and almost pirate-like atmosphere.

The show tells the history of the circus, from its origins to our days, through lots of high quality performances and innovative and engaging comic moments.

Dancers, acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and illusionists come together for Matera!

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ARTISTS Mister David and the family DEM

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