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Samples of Contemporary Circus

fri 15 march 2019 from h 19.00 to h 23.00
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Included in the Matera 2019 Passport

Suitable for all

Enlivening the ‘Petit Chapiteau’ with a spirit of friendliness and conviviality, the Japanese juggler Hisashi Watanabe will perform his show titled “Inverted Tree”. It stages Neoteny, which refers to the superfluous elements we kept during our evolution as well as to the ability to keep various different possibilities without choosing. These aspects encourage us to look for and discover the unknown world. It is the tolerance of the species that holds onto meaningless elements and boundless possibilities, which are created and then die out, thereby constantly repeating themselves.
Artists from the South of Italy such as aerial acrobats Donatella Zaccagnino and Alice Binando also known as 'Amb Duo'; the clown Elena Cavaliere also known as 'Lelè ParacetaClown'; the acrobats Roue cyr Michele Noviello and Rosalba Gravella from the association Lacaposcuic will take turn on stage in amazing circus performances and extraordinary stunts.

We invite you to enjoy this fabulous circus celebration with your friends and family!

ADMITTANCE to the performances at the Petit Chapiteau (Small circus tent) requires the Matera 2019 passport and is subject to availability (max 250 seats).

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