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Site-specific dance performance

fri 14 june 2019 from h 19.30 to h 20.30
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Within the Migrant Bodies project, between 2014 and 2015, Alessandro Sciarroni develops an idea for a deeply germinal performance practice. Starting from the observation of the migratory phenomena of some animals that at the end of their life return to reproduce and die in the place where they were born, the artist begins to work on the concept of turning. The term 'Turning' is translated and represented on the stage in a literal way, through the action of the body that revolves around its own axis and that develops into an emotional psychophysical journey, in a dance of duration, in the same way that turning also means evolving, changing. The Turning project is divided into several presentations and events that the artist calls 'versions'. Each 'version' includes the involvement of different interpreters, as well as visual artists, musicians and designers, called by the artist to interpret the same action according to their own sensitivity in a manner that is theatrically coherent with the title of the project: the materials and the physical scores are subject to a change, an evolution, a transformation, within every single event.

Turning is dedicated to the practice of classical dance, and in particular to the exploration and experimentation of pointe work interpreted by five classical dancers.
Petrolio. Man and Nature in the Anthropocene by Francesco Scaringi and Giuseppe Biscaglia
Giacimenta section by Francesca Corona and Michele Di Stefano
idea Alessandro Sciarroni with Maria Cargnelli, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Sofia Magnani, Roberta Racis music Aurora Bauza & Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.) assistant Elena Giannotti

styling/wardrobe Ettore Lombardi casting Damien Modolo technical direction Valeria Foti administration, executive production Chiara Fava promotion, consultancy, development Lisa Gilardino

continuità e rotture

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ARTISTS Alessandro Sciarroni
Maria Cargnelli
Francesco Saverio Cavaliere
Lucrezia Gabrielli
Sofia Magnani
Roberta Racis

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Basilicata 1799
BCC Basilicata
40.6639 - 16.6063
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