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Performance of contemporary dance, live music and DJ set

sat 22 june 2019
sun 23 june 2019
from h 19.30 to h 22.30
Parco del Castello Tramontano
Via Castello Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all


Ayman Sharaf El Dine

Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo / live music

Bassam Abou Diab, Yeinner Chicas, Olimpia Fortuni, Leonardo Maietto

Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo/ dance performance

Stefano Zazzera

Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo / DJ set

Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo is a co-creation project in which four young choreographers and two musicians make their meeting the starting point for the construction of a performance that revolves around the theme of the Anthropocene. Languages, bodies, universes confront each other, giving life to a new community: the transmission of personal diversity of each of its components, from an accessory, instrumental fact, preparatory to the staging, becomes central, making the collective creative journey a paradigmatic laboratory of the possible symbolic actions in the face of the epochal uncertainties faced by man in the renegotiation of his role in the ecosystem. In the uncertain frontier between methods, cultures, symbolic apparatuses, the strong point of a new collective entity is set, which is not defined within given boundaries, but in the comparison around common borders.
On the stage an imaginary territory of the Mediterranean takes shape, a geography beyond any possible toponymy and ethnography, which brings with it the architecture and traditions of Lebanon, Italy and Spain. In this land of encounters the only bargaining chip is the dialogue between bodies, engaged in the creation of a vocabulary, dancing, playing, made up of gestures and actions, joints and conflicts to answer the question Who cares?.
If I ask you: Who cares about environmental disasters, community, culture, politics?

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ARTISTS Massimo Carosi - curatore
Marco Mazzoni - tutor Mediterranean choreographic research
Omar Rajeh
Selina Bassini
Luca Nava - direttore di produzione
Bassam Abou Diab - coreografo
Yeinner Chicas - coreografo
Olimpia Fortuni - coreografa
Leonardo Maietto

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BCC Basilicata
40.6639 - 16.6063
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