Sixty years after the first expedition to Salento and the book SUD E MAGIA (south and magic); Matera and Galatina, peculiar locations to the ethno-anthropological studies based in Italy

tue 25 june 2019 from h 09.00 to h 17.00
Via Martinez, 4, Galatina, LE, Italia

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A very prosperous chance , just on the very sixtieth anniversary of the expedition around Tarantism topic in  Salento and the publishing of the book SUD E MAGIA, to discuss about the theory developed by the ethnologist De Martino, who in one way or the other, maybe through arguable methods even ,  aroused after few decades from his death , distinctive effects in the presentation of the lands where he carried out his research and what was the process to establish the cultural heritage mechanism . From here on, the concept of focusing on the idea that De Martino holds of folklore which has been the center of many arguments that have been carried out in Italy  over the 2 decades after the war and most likely developed after the publishing of OSSERVAZIONI SUL FOLKLORE DI  GRAMSCI  (ANALYSIS OF FOLKLORE BY GRAMSCI), which features political implications as well as theoretical ones.

De Martino looked for reading paths, picked up "roads" which he dismissed soon after, he chose quite the problematic direction as the folklore was taken, on one side, as some wreck piece dismissed by the storytelling process and from the other side, was in fact considered a testimonial of what inferior class would use as a tool to make history.

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Università della Basilicata
Università del Salento
Club per l'UNESCO del Vulture
Comitato Promotore Club per l'UNESCO di Matera
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