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Municipality of Fardella

from thu 16 may 2019
to sat 18 may 2019
from h 10.00 to h 20.00
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 2 Fardella (PZ)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

FORMULA PAROLA is a multidisciplinary festival of words for citizens of the southern area of Basilicata, especially for families and schools of all kinds and levels. Words will be associated with three other concepts: games, images and responsibility. We are being faced with an increasingly poor, flat Italian language, and working with words means investigating the way we are, the way we think and the way we see things, what we have been and what we are becoming. Language is risking becoming impoverished because we are in too much of a hurry. We see the need to take some time out to get back together with the people who live in this area and anyone who wants to take part in the programme, and to reflect on the changes that are taking place.


Thursday 16 May

17.00 - Centro Polivalente

- Festival opening ceremony

18.00 - Centro Polivalente

- 'Lo stato dell’arte della rete in Italia’ ['The State of the Art of the Web in Italy'], with Francesco Nicodemo

What are the opportunities and threats? How do we combat online disinformation, fake news and the language of hate?

Suitable for an adult audience, especially teachers, parents and administrators. Approximately 90 minutes.

Friday 17 May

10.00 - Centro Polivalente

- ‘Giochi con le parole, giochi con le storie’ [‘Games with Words, Games with Stories’], with Beniamino Sidoti

Language is memory, language is games and discoveries: we will begin with word games (Scopri la Parola, anagrams, Scarti, Zeppe and Cambi) and then play with titles and stories.

Suitable for primary schoolchildren. Approximately 90 minutes.

17.00 - Centro Polivalente

- ‘Il libro come luogo di incontro’ [‘Books as a Meeting Place’], with Beniamino Sidoti

Reading needs time to be conquered, and involves both schools and families. It is a territory to be explored and inhabited, a meeting place for different kinds of reader, beginners and experts alike. During the workshop, we will attempt to understand how to read aloud, how to play with books, how to talk about them and discover them together, respecting the amount of time both book and reader need, and playing together.

Suitable for an adult audience, teachers, parents and educators. Approximately 120 minutes.

Saturday 18 May

10.00 - Centro Polivalente

- ‘Immagine e parola’ [‘Images and Words’], with Marco Cazzato

During this meeting, Marco Cazzato will discuss the work of an illustrator, and will use a short overview of the various areas of publishing where illustrations appear to attempt to define what they are, their main characteristics, their purpose and language and the special features they need to incorporate, based on the particular text and what we are seeking to communicate.

Suitable for second-year secondary school students. Approximately 90 minutes.

10.00 - Sala Protezione Civile

- ‘La creazione del personaggio. Alterazione del personaggio, dal grottesco all’umoristico’ [‘Creating a Character. Changing a Character from Grotesque to Humorous’], with Mauro Talarico- This workshop looks at the development of a comic book from creating a character to completing short sequences.

Suitable for first-year secondary school students. Approximately 120 minutes.

10.00 - School Hall

- ‘La satira al tempo dei social (dammi uno spazio e ti dirò la mia)’ [‘Satire in the Era of Social networks (Give Me a Space and I'll Give You My Opinion’], with Gianfranco Tartaglia ‘Passepartout’

Written and drawn satire in the era of social networks: its peculiarities, benefits, defects, prospects, how it differs from satire prior to social networks and particular methods of expression. We dive into the ocean of satire that is invading the Web. A dialogue on the fake news phenomenon in the world of satire on the internet.

Suitable for second-year secondary school students. Approximately 90 minutes.

17.00 - Sala Protezione Civile

- ‘La narrazione nel fumetto e tecniche narrative’ [‘Story-telling in Comics and Narrative Techniques’], with Mauro Talarico

- This workshop looks at the development of a comic, from creating a character to completing short sequences.

Suitable for adults and students. Approximately 120 minutes.

17.00 - School Hall

- ‘Quando la satira cambia la storia’ [‘When Satire Changes History’], with Gianfranco Tartaglia ‘Passepartout’

Satire has always accompanied and commented on history, and has often predicted it ... and occasionally even manages to direct it. During the meeting, we will give examples of the relationship between satire and historical events, personalities and happenings that have used humour to profoundly influence social reality.

Suitable for adults and students. Approximately 120 minutes.


- Conferral of honorary citizenship on Andy Donato.


- Festival closes

** Fardella can be reached on the 'Capital for a Day' shuttle service, which leaves from Matera.

For information and reservations, please contact:
Ridola Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola 54 (MT) - +39 0835 314233 - escursioni@ridolaviaggi.it - www.ridolaviaggi.it

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Comune di Fardella
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