Municipality of Tramutola

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sun 02 june 2019 from h 09.00 to h 23.30
Viale Principe Umberto Tramutola (PZ)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

On the last Sunday in May, a special procession known as 'La Madonna nella Barca' takes place in the name of the Madonna dei Miracoli. This is a devotional procession that dates from the end of the 1800s. It was created on the initiative of migrants from Tramutolo, who wanted to fulfil the vow they had made during the dangerous crossing of the Atlantic on their return to their homeland from America.

The statue of the Madonna is carried in a procession on a boat of roses.

The memory of Archbishop Pecci, who played an extremely important role in the glorification of the Vergine dei Miracoli and her solemn coronation in 1923, is associated with the Madonna dei Miracoli. There is also a common thread that links Monsignor Pecci and Vincenzo Ferroni. When Pecci was Archbishop of Acerenza and Matera, he asked Maestro Ferroni to compose music for the prayer in honour of the Madonna dei Miracoli, the Madonna della Bruna di Matera, di Oppido Lucano. There is also a spiritual connection between Tramutola and Matera, where his remains lie in the Cathedral.


9.00 - Welcome with Sbandieratori Cavensi - Viale Principe Umberto (Villa Comunale Piccola)

9.15 - Opening of exhibitions of paintings and old photographs, while the women of Tramutola work with crochet needles, embroidery, bobbins and knitting needles and show finished and antique works.
The exhibition is organised by teachers and pupils from the Istituto Professionale di Tramutola, and is of equipment that was used and completed work, from the town's formation to today. Opening of various exhibitions and stands.

9.30 - Visit to the churches of Madonna di Loreto, Madre and Rosario. Monument in memory of Captain Antonio Fortunato and the victims of Kabul.

11.00 - Ngap l'acqua (Largo Fontana) near the communal laundry. 'How our grandmothers made soap', with soap-making and the emotion of washing laundry in the fresh waters of 'Ngap l'acqua' while kneeling on the ancient wooden boxes our grandmothers used.

'Rssia', the old technique for whitening laundry with ashes, which is no longer in use.

In the old mill, women from Tramutolo will teach us how to make the typical Tramutolese pasta known as 'ferricello', as well as other types of home-made pasta, as handed down from our grandmothers. We then moved to the Piazza, where we find a cheesemaker, who will make ricotta, mozzarella and caciocavallo on the spot.

12.00 - Conference on 'Tramutola during the Risorgimento'.
Greetings from the Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura Foundation.The Bandiera Mazziniana, on display in the Town Hall.

13.30 - Lunch

16.30 - The Fondazione and the public are invited to attend the decorating of the Boat in the Chiesa Madre.

17.00 - Visit to Palazzo Rautiis and Palazzo Abelardo.

19.30 - Holy Mass.

20.30 - The La Madonna dei Miracoli is carried In an enchanting illuminated boat covered with roses in a procession through the streets of the town, which have been decorated, in a manner handed down from our ancestors, with special covers, candles and flower displays.

23.00 - Firework display followed by a return to the church and the 'Assalto alla rosa'.
The evening concludes with a travelling show by the Sbandieratori Cavensi.

** Tramutola can be reached on the 'Capital for One Day' shuttle service, which leaves from Matera.

For information and reservations, please contact:

Ridola Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola, 54 (MT) | +39 0835 314233 - escursioni@ridolaviaggi.it - www.ridolaviaggi.it

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