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Book presentation

tue 25 june 2019
Libreria di Giulio
Via Dante Alighieri, 61, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

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At the "Di Giulio" bookshop in Matera on June 25th at 7:00 pm, the book by the Salentine writer Antonella Tamiano will be presented, entitled "Like fragments of Stars", winner of numerous awards, the author will talk with Nuccia Lentini, teacher, some songs will read by Grazia Maria Delicio knight of the republic. The book is a collection of eight female stories with different themes. The stories set in the present day all have a Salento backdrop with beautiful, scenic and architectural features. The stories tell of difficult moments, where destiny seems to be raging, but despite the mistrust that sometimes prevails, a great inner strength and the will to live pushes the eight women protagonists of the events to go on. The support of the traditional or extended family is of considerable importance in overcoming the hard trials of life. The problems are faced by fighting, the dark moments must not have the best on the hope of succeeding. BIOGRAPHY Antonella Tamiano is a painter, writer and poet from Lecce. Graduated in Cultural Heritage, she published the novel EmorA from one boot to another in 2014. A collection of poems Di ... Versi In ... Versi, in 2015. The bioromanzo The essence of Etra in 2016 and the book Like fragments of stars in 2018, a collection of eight stories. Many of his stories and poems are present in national and international anthologies. His poetic works have been translated into different languages, his books have been adopted in schools as reading texts. He received several prizes and trophies, in fiction and poetry. He participated in the Marzullo TV show on Rai1 and on other local broadcasts promoting his books successfully.

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