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thu 25 july 2019 from h 21.00 to h 23.00
Cava del Sole
Strada Statale 7 Via Appia, 32 Matera (MT)
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Suitable for all

Gates open 19.30

Stefano Bollani's piano together with Hamilton De Holanda's mandolin is pure magic.

Two great artists, who have been collaborating for over ten years, travel the world to offer to the audience the extraordinary combination of piano and bandolim, always in the name of improvisation, which remains the common stylistic code. Together they fly amongst the notes and invent a different path each time, taking turns in the role of guide. More simply there is often no guide: it is music that takes Bollani and De Holanda by the hand and takes them where they want to go.

The talent of Bollani, an explorer par excellence of only seemingly distant musical horizons, combined with the skill of Hamilton de Holanda, profound connoisseur of the tradition of the samba, choro and folk music traditions of his country - create a unique energy that is released every evening on stage and conveys the great love they both have for Brazilian music. This magnificent combination of two great figures of the international music scene is not only visible on the most prestigious stages, but also materialises in the recordings of important projects together: the most recent in chronological order is the participation of Hamilton de Holanda on Stefano's Bollani's album, Que Bom, which sought to bring together on the project important artists from the Brazilian music scene.

**ATTENTION: It will not be possible to reach the venue by own transportation. There will be a special Matera Centre - Cava del Sole shuttle service in operation.

The shuttle service is not an ordinary service and therefore requires the purchase of a ticket (€0.80 per person each way if purchased in advance, €1.50 if purchased onboard). Schedule Departures from Central Station to Cava del Sole: from 19.00 there is a shuttle every 5 minutes with a stop at Villa Longo. Final departure for Cava del Sole to Central Station with a stop at Villa Longo: at the end of the event, until all passengers have been picked up.

At the Cava del Sole there will be shuttles for anyone wishing to return to the Central Station before the end of the concert (all stopping off at Villa Longo). For disabled people there will be a priority entrance and a specific parking area (maximum 5-seaters), which can only be accessed by vehicles in possession of a valid permit.

Any other vehicles transporting disabled people can go as far as the Cava del Sole to drop off the passenger, always exhibiting a valid permit, but they must then park the vehicle in the area near the Cemetery.

There will be dedicated support available for disabled visitors. It is advisable to send an e-mail to passaporto@matera-basilicata2019.it indicating the licence plate of the vehicle to be authorised, name and surname of the driver and disabled passenger.

futuro remoto

ARTISTS Stefano Bollani
Hamilton De Holanda

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