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from thu 01 august 2019
to sat 03 august 2019
from h 16.00 to h 00.00
Viale Belvedere, 75024 Montescaglioso, MT, Italia

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1.2.3 AUGUST 

After a phenomenal response to last years programme, St Rock festival is back…and this time it's bigger and better. Three days jam packed of workshops, masterclasses, debates, craft markets, street food, art galleries, parties and music… amazing music!!!





- SocialMediaMente -

Plunge into an exciting day of workshops, debates and activities run by the most irriverent and satirical writers the modern world has seen. None other than Feudalesimo e liberta, Lericio and Don Alemanno who will speak about how the satirical world has changed, about their experience with media.
You will also get a chance to join a workshop held by a great artist and graphic from Montescaglioso, Mauro Bubbico, nominated as one of the Italian representative of AGI, and as one of the best worldwide designers. He has worked as a free lance graphic and as illustrator, moreover he is a professor at Isia in Urbino (School of Artistic Industries).

And Much more to come

Later that evening prepare to be blown away by an incredible performance from Moses Concas, winner of Italias got talent and close friends of the st rock festival. He will come back with a new music project and his usual moxie that will move us to dance on the rhythm of harmonica and beat box.
Following we’ll dance on the rhythm of a great guest, techno drummer and producer. We know you’ll love him; we’re talking about Dario Rossi and his percussions, a terrific music trip!



- Mangio KM0 -

Open-air food markets, typical products workshops, exciting debates about youth businesses in the South and a not to be missed conference where the main themes to be discussed will be pollution in Basilicata, Hosting an array of important personalities that fight daily for the protection of our land and its inhabitants.

And Much More to come…

In the evening we will announce the winner of the competition #ConteSTRock, the winning band will have the chance to open Lorenzo Kruger’s Concert, the great guest of our second date, with its tour “Le canzoni dei Nobraino e altri inediti”.



- Innovazione E' Meridione - Punto a Sud

With a strong focus on ‘ the southern question’ delving into themes of hospitality and humanity to social and economical politics of southern Italy…It’s pivotal for us to open a discussion that involves everyone in a productive debate with institutions and the realities that have dealt with this in different fields.

‘Even if this is a hard world’ free your mind, and your body as you dance the night away to Tonino Carotone an artist with Spanish origins and an Italian heart.
A Journey through Italian old times that with his infectious energy and mind blowing talent will leave you unable to stand still and begging for one more song
This is just a part of what you’ll get…we will tell you more time by time so….



La Lampa Circolo Arci

WITH THE collaboration of:

Initium Experia, Altra DimensioneArci Basilicata

Under the patronage of:

Matera 2019, Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 e Città di Montescaglioso


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Altra Dimensione
Arci Basilicata
Initium Experia
Fondazione Matera - Basilicata 2019
Comune di Montescaglioso
40.5545 - 16.6712
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